What are recoveralls made of?

Recoveralls are made from AAMI-rated barrier fabric, which is used in medical isolation gowns. For more information, please see our spec sheets:

How do I clean my recoveralls?

Recoveralls can be machine or hand washed in warm water. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Full care instructions are available here.

What size should I get?

Recoveralls are designed to fit most body types. Choose first based on height, then increase size as needed based on weight.

 Size M L XL
Shoulder 19" 20" 21"
Sleeve 21" 22" 23"
Waist (will cinch) 46" 48" 52"

What’s the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Reusable Coveralls?

Level 1 and Level 2 Reusable Coveralls have the same design, but are made with different fabrics. Both use medical-grade barrier fabric that's water-resistant and washable. However, Level 2 recoveralls are made of a denser-weave fabric, which means they provide more of a barrier between you and your environment. See a more detailed comparison here.

Where are recoveralls made?

We're proud to say that recoveralls are 100% made in the USA. They're manufactured in Los Angeles, CA from fabric that's made in the USA.

Will recoveralls protect me from COVID-19?

Recoveralls alone will not protect you from COVID-19. We use medical barrier fabric in the construction of each reusable coverall, which means it's designed to resist water, including droplets in the air. In a hospital setting, Recoveralls should be used together with standard PPE protocol, by wearing a gown over the reusable coverall when needed.

Do recoveralls have FDA approval?

In general, the FDA doesn't have a product classification for medical coveralls. Of the existing classifications, our coveralls are most similar to Level 1 or Level 2 isolation gowns (Regulation 878.4040). Level 1 and 2 isolation gowns are class I exempt and non-sterile, which means they don't require clearance from the FDA.

All of our coveralls are made from the same medical-grade barrier fabric that's used in Level 1 and 2 isolation gowns.

Are there any discounts for healthcare workers?

We sell reusable coveralls, so that we can donate them to the essential but underappreciated. If you're a frontline worker who makes less than $40,000 per year, you can apply here for a donated suit.

How soon will I get my recoverall?

Most orders are delivered in 2-7 business days.

What's your return policy?

For safety and public health reasons, all sales of Recoveralls are final. Please contact us at hello@recoveralls.com if you receive a defective Recoverall within 30 days, and we will provide a full refund or replacement.

Do you offer bulk discounts for hospitals, businesses, or teams?

Yes, and we'd love to talk to find out more about what you need. Email kevin@recoveralls.com or call (224) 532-7926 to find out more.