About us

Every frontliner deserves to feel safe. 

Recoveralls began with a desperate midnight call from our friend Alicia, an ER doctor. That day she oversaw her first cardiac arrest case of a COVID patient.

Beads of sweat formed next to the ridges where her goggles dug into her face. Her patient's breath sounded raggedy. Like a harmonica punctuated by the rhythm of door-knocks.

Over the next few weeks, more and more of Alicia's coworkers fell ill. One day, you're a provider, and the next day, you're a patient.

This assassin was loud but invisible. Her muscles were constantly tensed from the anxiety of never knowing where it was. How can you wash it off?

And Alicia’s only protection on her body was an airy, thin disposable sheet.

While stuck in quarantine, we were crippled with fear, anxiety and powerlessness. We feared for Alicia’s safety. We feared for all our friends on the frontlines. History was happening, and we were watching helplessly from the sidelines.

Alicia’s story was our call-to-action and our purpose. We want to start a movement to provide safety and protection for her and all frontline essential workers. Especially unsung, non-medical workers.

This is why we invented Recoveralls. We interviewed doctors and nurses. We found the best American-made barrier fabric. We designed and manufactured it here.

Today, over a thousand of our coveralls are being donated to medics on the frontline. This is just the start.

There is hope. In order to end the pandemic, we must prevent the spread by protecting all of the frontline. 

Together, we will recover.

Our team


Kevin Tao, Justine Tiu, Adrian Zhang

Medical Advisor