For Limited Time - Giving Away PPE Coveralls For Free to Fight Omicron

I was trying to make plans with some friends to go ice skating.

All of my friends who are pregnant, have babies, or who are living with elderly parents, canceled their plans with me because of the crazy Omicron surge. This variant is breaking all records.

People I care about are living in fear. They are back in isolation. They are locked down again.

And I feel their pain.

It's hard to wish you could help, because sometimes you just can't.

Call me unreasonable or unrealistic, but I reject the idea that I am powerless. When people I love are in pain, I refuse to accept that there is nothing I can do to help.

When the universe tells me I can't do anything, I yell back, "try and stop me!"

That's why we are announcing:

Our Give:

For a limited time, until midnight Jan 15th, we are giving away for free: our premium, clean-room fabric, antimicrobial coveralls.

Our coveralls are breathable, with micro-holes big enough for air but not big enough for virus particles. They are machine-washable. They have hoods, pockets, and elastic cuffs. Wear them over your normal clothes, and they will keep you safe when you go somewhere that could have COVID. 

Our products were designed by doctors, to keep healthcare workers safe in the rigors of the emergency room. Now we are making this technology available to you.

If you are (or live with) any high risk groups for COVID:

  • Pregnant/breastfeeding women
  • Children too young to get vaccinated
  • Elderly people
  • Immunocompromised
  • Any other high-risk groups

Also if you are:

  • An essential worker
  • A healthcare worker

Please use the discount code OMICRON-LP to get a coverall at 100% off.




Our Ask:

  • Please share this publicly
  • Please share this directly with anyone who you think may benefit.

Together we can alleviate some fear. And hopefully save some lives.

If you feel grateful and can afford it, feel free to leave us a tip during checkout to pay it forward. We are a business that was created to fulfill a call-to-action to help our frontline workers with PPE. (EDIT: I have been notified the "tipping" doesn't work. Our company's PayPal is, if you'd like to show your gratefulness)

Your Impact :

$14 per suit for the clean-room fabric
$37 per suit to hire US workers at Helt Studio to manufacture
$5 per suit to ship the clean-room fabric from supplier in North Carolina to factory in Los Angeles
$2 per suit for the zippers
$2 per suit for the 5 elastic cuffs - both legs, both arms, and back


PS: Obviously the secret, real reason we are giving these away is so that my friends won't have any excuse not to hang out with me.

Thank you for reading this.


Stay safe,

Kevin Tao, with cofounders Adrian Zhang, and Justine Tiu

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  • Keep up the great work Kev!

    Gavin wilder

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